Stader Labs Delegation Program

Stader Labs Delegation Program

Stader DAO is committed to creating a robust and independent governance mechanism in line with our progressive decentralization. In that spirit, we are excited to announce the launch of our delegation program for Stader’s governance. As a member of our community, you can now apply to become a delegate and help shape the future of our protocol.

To apply, simply write a pitch on our forum explaining why you would make a good delegate, and then fill out the application form. Please use this pitch by Glass Markets as a reference.

A committee will review all applications and select delegates based on their value addition, prior experience, and commitment to the Stader Labs community. We will be sharing more details about this committee in a future update.

Selected delegates will receive delegation of our DAO fund tokens for governance. Delegates will be expected to vote on proposals and participate in discussions on the Stader Labs governance forum on Snapshot. This is a great opportunity for community members who are passionate about the future of Stader Labs to get involved in the decision-making process.

We look forward to reviewing your applications and working with our new delegates to make Stader Labs the best it can be!


Q: What is the Stader Labs delegation program?

A: The delegation program is a way for key community members/ groups to become delegates and participate in the Stader Labs governance process without having to own the governance token, SD.

Q: What are the responsibilities of a delegate?

A: Delegates are expected to vote on proposals on Snapshot and participate in discussions on the Stader Labs governance forum.

Q: How are delegates selected?

A: The committee will review the applications, and put them up for vote. For each delegate’s vote, we will mention the delegate’s pitch and the amount being delegated to them- the community can vote Yes or No

Q: Will Stader DAO be transferring tokens to delegates?

A: No. Stader DAO will be delegating tokens from the DAO fund to delegates selected by the community through voting. The actual tokens will remain in the DAO fund, and therefore, not part of the circulating supply. The governance power of those tokens will be delegated.

Q: How will this result in decentralization?

A: This will result in a larger number of active participants in our governance process, who can have a significant say in the outcome of each vote through their delegated governance tokens. Currently, this ability is restricted to people who actual hold a large bag of the circulating SD supply.

Q: How does delegation actually take place?

A: Stader DAO uses Snapshot voting, and delegation is an easy-to-use feature of Snapshot voting.

Q: Can any SD token holder delegate their SD tokens to these delegates?

A: Yes, anyone with SD tokens can connect their wallet to Snapshot voting and delegate their tokens to a wallet of their choice. We will be publishing lists of delegates and their wallets, as we onboard them.

Q: Will Stader team members be delegating their vested tokens?

A: We will encourage Stader team members to delegate their tokens for governance.


This is a super cool initiative! I may apply :smiley: I have a question:

  • is the total amount of the DAO fund going to be delegated proportionally according to the number of delegates ? or there is a cap like “no more than 250,000 SD tokens per delegator” ? In Glass Markets proposal, they wrote down 250,000 SD. This implies that the delegate “has the freedom” to request a certain amount?
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We will initially start with 100k - 250k delegations- for the first 5-10 selected delegates, might reduce if we keep having demand. Delegation amounts can be changed based on performance (whether the delegator is voting actively or not).

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can we know more about the committee?

My only “concern” would be to fund quality teams to run this without incentivising them a little bit.
Would love to see whom we can choose from.


We have identified the members- just completing KYC requirements before making the announcement

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Please refer to @Gonemultichain 's answer- also, please apply!

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Love the idea team. Nice way to encourage decentralized and active community governance interaction. Some protocols claim to have an open and decentralized governance, but after all it’s just the team + 2 biggest whales deciding for the whole community.
We have a rational community here that will be looking for the welfare of the protocol, but we have to be careful not to follow recent Arbitrum DAO acting and other well known DAOs that turn to be kinda fraudish. It’s our time now to participate and make it as dilluted and truly decentralized as possible, therefore active members should step forward and apply.
I’ll send my apply asap


Hello !
I’m Geeno, a random IT guy involved in crypto since 2012. I have some experience with cloud and systems management and as such, I try to help the community by providing technical help. I’ve been helping since the first beta of the Stader’s ETHx nodes and I’m keen to help more.
I’m a real team player and I’d like to represent the average node operator of the community in the stader’s governance. My decisions will always be make while thinking of the best interest of the community.