Stader DAO Delegate Program- Shortlisted Delegates

Dear Stader Community,

Many thanks for great interest in being delegates to receive delegations from Stader DAO. We’re excited to announce that the DAO committee has shortlisted delegate candidates. This process acknowledges:

  1. The depth and quality of their application posts on the Stader DAO forum.
  2. Their contributions to the Stader community
  3. Their experience as delegates across other crypto protocols

Delegate selection and update will be an ongoing process and it will be reviewed and updated every 2 months or more frequently.

Delegate selection and cohorts are based on the following criteria:

  1. Applicants who had been long standing contributors of Stader and been supporting Stader protocol and users across social channels - Cohort 1
  2. University delegate groups that had prior experience as delegates across top crypto protocols - Cohort 1
  3. Applicants who had shown great promise in contributing to the Stader protocol and community via their posts and applications despite lacking prior experience being delegators or contribution to Stader community - Cohort 2
  4. Applicants who haven’t submitted a post on the forum are encouraged to do so and we will consider them in the next round of delegations.

Details of the selected candidates are provided below:

  1. Cohort 1 Delegates: These outstanding candidates will have 200k SD tokens delegated to them. They have shown remarkable commitment to our community, and/or, demonstrated successful governance participation in other protocols, in addition to submitting top-tier application posts on the forum.

The shortlisted candidates are:

Delegate Description
Geeno ETHx permissionless Node Operator and mentor to new joiners.
Dovah OG user and active community member across Stader DAO social channels.
Alex Narvaez-Duckworth University of Pennsylvania - delegate on Aave, Compound, etc. Details here:
BoilerDAO Purdue University- delegate on Optimism and dydx; details here:
Cambridge Blockchain Society Cambridge University- delegate on Idle DAO and Arbitrum; details here:

Please note that Glass Markets (already voted in as a delegate) are also part of Cohort 1.

  1. Cohort 2 Delegates: These candidates will receive 100k SD tokens in delegation. Based on their active participation and contribution to Stader’s governance, their share of delegation would be increased to 200k SD (subject to DAO approval).

The shortlisted candidates are:

Delegate Description
Cosmos Hoss Multichain Defi user, educator, and community builder
Boston College Blockchain Blockchain chapter of Boston College, running since 2017, and recently getting started in DAO governance.
Antons Kurakins CEO of Crouton Digital and ETHx Permissionless Node Operator, delegate on CoinMetrika

Next steps include incorporation of community feedback on the delegates selected above and on-chain voting. More details on each of their applications can be found here.

Congratulations to our shortlisted candidates, and a big thank you to everyone who applied. Your dedication inspires us!



I can’t wait to vote on-chain. Glad to see so many Stader OGs, universities, and experienced delegates step up on Stader governance.


I would like more ETH maxi delegates since that is where Stader is going to want the biggest push, but still looks good to me.


Having diversity is, in my opinion, a real strength in the governance of a DAO. Having different points of view from individuals as well as big entities with experience on other blockchains and protocols is essential.


Thank you for your trust, i am very glad that i am selected. I will give my best both as a validator on ETHx journey and as a DAO delegate, and i am sure together we can achieve all goals. ETHx Permissionless testnet is going smoothly, and team doing great job with support of validators. :raised_hands:


Hi @AmbassadorDoofus , that is a fantastic suggestion.

We are going to try to reach to as many Ethereum ecosystem players as possible for the SD Delegate Cohort 2. If you have any suggestions, I would be more than keen to hear them! You can reach me on DM here, on twitter or telegram.

Thanks a lot !

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I would like more ETH maxi delegates since that is where Stader is going to want the biggest push, but still looks good to me.

Happy to be chosen during this first selection, and glad to also see valuable members like Geeno and some Unis involved in other DAOs Governance.

Great idea, I completely agree with you. Will be happy to back any candidacy from ETH ecosystem members, so they can share their thoughts and best ideas for ETHx and the protocol itself.

If you want to recommend anyone that would be a good fit, or even yourself, feel free to do it.

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A proposal to add these 8 delegates to the Stader DAO is now up for vote on Snapshot.

Make your voice heard on this new step towards robust and decentralized governance!