Delegate Voting Rights to Geeno to Enhance Community Governance

Dear Community,

I would like to propose myself as a candidate for the governance delegation of 250,000 SD tokens.

I’m an average nerd involved in crypto since 2012. Since then, I wanted to run a node or mine crypto, I had the knowlege to do it but not the capital… until I heard about Stader’s ETHx project.

I participated in the first beta to get a feeling of what running a node is. As I’m a bit tech savvy, this gave me the opportunity to help others with their setup. During both tests, I found a nice community with people keen to help each other and now I feel at home. I like what we are building here and I’d love to be more involved.

With this delegation program, I see an opportunity to help more and contribute to the whole Stader ecosystem in an amplified manner. I’m a real team player and I’d love to represent everyone within the community.

If I’m found worthy of this responsibility, I may receive the tokens on this dedicated address that belongs to me : 0xC3900FD27e5BA0E2a93e1Ef52c57927FC1e0a778

Many thanks, and see you around on Discord !


Happy to see you applying Geeno! You have been without a doubt one of the most valuable members of the ETHx Rolling Beta (if not the most). I’ve seen you helping anyone having an issue or a doubt, furthermore I was lucky enough some days ago to receive your help in Discord where you are always available and ready to help.

Forum guys, this is the kind of members that will bring our protocol to another level, a real gigabrain that has been around ETHx since inception (beta tester), and among all the possible options he had to become a Node Operator, he decided he wanted to join our Beta to test it himself and build an active community from scratch.


As a average nerd and Stader discord lurker I can attest to the value you add to the community and the Node Operators, whether seasoned or wanna-be!

You have my total support, I hope to see your name up in Snapshot, and I will be voting for it !

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You have my full support!

It is essential for Stader to have a powerful representation from the permissionless Node Operators, and I can’t think of anyone better than you to fulfill that role.

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