Delegate Voting Rights to Dovah to Enhance Community Governance

Hello Stader Forum, my name is Dovah and I would like to propose myself to become a Stader DAO SD Delegate. Therefore, I’m here applying to receive the voting power of 250k SD from the DAO Treasury while they still keep custody of the funds, to enhance community voting power and duties.

Now I’ll give a little background about myself and why I could be a good addition to the Delegation Program.

I’m a retail investor that has been in crypto and DeFi since early 2021. Met Stader in Terra, and continued using its products once they launched in Polygon and Fantom. I’ve staked in all 6 chains Stader is alive, but at the moment Polygon, BNB, Near and Fantom are the ones I use mainly. I’ve been an active member of the community lately, participating in all the contests that have been done by the team these last months, specially the DeFi strategies contests are the ones that I enjoy the most.

I’m also really looking forward to Stader coming to Ethereum, as I think it is a major milestone for the project and I’m sure the team is working hard to deliver the best and most curated product. The state of L2s is promising and ETHx coming to Arbitrum, Optimism, zkSync shores could be huge.

I have experience participating in other DAO governance programs via governance forums and Snapshot. I usually spend hours on governance forums because it provides a great pulse check of what is going on with a project.

All in all, I believe I could be a valuable member for the Delegation Program for the above and below reasons. I would be bringing a base user vision from someone that:

  • has already a deep DeFi background across different protocols and chains.
  • has also been active in the protocol and knows pretty much all the minor details from it.
  • enjoys sharing his point of view and opening debates and discussions with other members who are also excited about the project and its future.

Delegation of the 250k SD voting power would be made to the address 0x19213f85107ba87f06ad10894163160bd8642955 owned by myself.


Hi Dovah,

I’ve seen you for a long time in our communities, and yes, indeed you do have some good DeFi strategies up your sleeve. :wink:

I think it is important for Stader to give voice to its most loyal and active members, and the more so if they come with your multichain acumen.

I will be supporting your candidacy.


Wow, slowly but steadily, we start to see some very high quality proposals, like Glass Markets, Chris, and Dovah.

Happy to support all of them. Each have a different profile, but all these walks of life will add knowledge and insight to the DAO.


Dovah is an active member of our ETHx community and I’m thrilled to see his candidacy. He’s knowledgeable, helpful and cool.
I’ll always remember how one of his answers on a reddit post I made before we met again on Discord. He was clearly the only one in the thread with an open mind and overview of the ecosystem.