Antonio : accepting SD delegations

I would like to announce I, Gonemultichain, will be accepting SD delegations for Stader governance.


I’m an Industrial Engineer, having worked in the Aviation Industry in different parts of America and Asia for 7 years before shifting to Web3 industry. I’ve been involved in DeFi since 2020 (emphasis on multichain dApps, both on EVM and non-EVM networks), and I lead Ecosystem & Community at Staderlabs.


Thanks to this background, as well as the year and a half of experience working closely with the different multi-chain communities of Stader, I would be bringing an inclusive view to the DAO and ensure no one is left behind as Stader continues decentralizing and growing its user base, number of integrations, and chains covered.

Notably, I will be looking after the vast and diverse community Stader has amassed across the 7 networks (and counting) where our governance or liquid staked tokens are enabled: a total of 250,000 members combining Twitter, Discord, and Telegram.

A very good example of this commitment is the recent proposal I put up to increase the range of strategies that confer governance power to SD holders, including different EVM networks and the deepest LP pools.

I will continue working diligently to make the Stader DAO an example of efficient and successful decentralized autonomous organization, as it holds steady on its path towards decentralization started Q4 last year.

As always, whether it is related to SD governance or anything else, my DMs are open! :wink:

You can delegate SD to me to the following address: 0xgonemultichain.eth