Delegate Voting Rights of 100,000 SD Tokens to Morty for Decentralization, Protocol Development, and Ecosystem Growth

This is a proposal to delegate voting rights of 100,000 SD tokens from the SD Ecosystem Wallet to Morty (me) in order to participate in governance within the Stader DAO. The SD Treasury Wallet will maintain custody of assets and will only delegate voting power to Morty to diversify opinions within the DAO and advance decentralization, protocol development, and ecosystem growth.

I will collaborate with the Stader Labs team to make decisions around decentralization strategies, protocol development, and ecosystem growth initiatives.

About Me

Summary: I’ve been a crypto OG since early 2020 and an avid DeFi enthusiast since early 2021. I’m a strong proponent of the values that make Ethereum great—such as decentralization, censorship resistance, and permissionless use — I aim to bring these principles to the forefront of Stader Labs’ governance.

Partnerships and Experience: Since mid-2022, I’ve been a core team member of Companion, a project in the Solana ecosystem aimed at onboarding the next generation of crypto users. I also have extensive experience in data analytics and mathematical modeling, skills that will be invaluable when considering governance proposals.

Relation to Stader: I have been an active community member since the early days of ETHx and am also an active node operator, demonstrating a long-term and multifaceted commitment to the Stader Labs ecosystem.

What is needed from Stader DAO?

Delegate voting rights of 100,000 SD tokens from the ecosystem wallet. I will be voting from my address 0xaD86E922d7F5b5E35732b36F3F8cD7702E9F9072

Value Proposition

  • Transparency: I aim to publish regular updates on governance decisions and maintain an open channel for community feedback.

  • Community Engagement: I will actively involve the community in forming governance proposals and encourage active participation in governance processes, thereby fostering a more democratic and engaged ecosystem.

  • Technical or Strategic Contributions: I am committed to voting for proposals that not only optimize the Stader protocol but also support partnerships and growth strategies that benefit SD stakeholders and Node Operators and, by extension, the wider Ethereum ecosystem.

By delegating tokens to me, Stader DAO can expect improved community engagement, and better decision-making in the areas of decentralization, protocol development, and ecosystem growth.


Big fan of your enthusiasm and the conversations with other N.Os in Discord.

If not mistaken, you would be the 4th or 5th N.O to become SD delegate, after Geeno, Dovah, Bob, …

Love to see how the N.O community is stepping up and becoming vocal in terms of governance of the Stader DAO. The future is bright for ETHx and SD.

You count with my support!



Love to see this!
Our governance will step up a notch having you on it!


Welcome to the forum Morty!

Strongly support your proposal to become a Delegate.
Good to see engaged and committed NOs like you and Bob not only in the Discord but also around here.