Delegate Voting Rights of 250,000 SD Tokens To Glass Markets for Community Transparency Efforts

This is a proposal to delegate voting rights of 250,000 SD from the SD Ecosystem Wallet to Glass Markets to participate in governance within the Stader DAO. The SD Treasury Wallet will maintain custody of assets and will only delegate voting power to Glass Markets to create further diversity of opinions within the DAO and increase community transparency.

Glass Markets will work alongside the Stader Labs team to make decisions around market-making, exchange listings, and other partnerships.

Glass Markets provides liquidity analytics and would like to regularly update SD stakeholders on SD’s liquidity metrics, including average prices, volumes, depth, spreads, and uptimes on various trading venues. As a stakeholder in the network and as a crypto-native service provider, Glass Markets wants to participate in community governance to vote on the future of the network. Additionally, the Glass Markets team will assist the Stader Labs team with future centralized exchange considerations around Stader’s liquid staking products.

Glass Markets Overview

Summary: Glass Markets is building analytics dashboards to evaluate the liquidity of tokens in real-time and historically. Offering proprietary trading insights and exclusive access to a reputation-based network of liquidity providers, Glass Markets empowers protocols to make more informed decisions around market makers, exchange listings, price simulation events, and more.

Glass Markets features early partners including Stader Labs and Ondo Finance. More info can be found at and @Glass_Markets. Glass Markets has already become a leading delegate for $ONDO, which also conducted a CoinList sale, with over 400 voters. Glass Markets already works with 10+ DAOs on a SaaS basis for its proprietary trading analytics platform.

Glass Markets has an existing service provider relationship with Stader Labs to provide insights into SD’s liquidity health on centralized exchanges and would like to open-source key metrics to the community to create better stakeholder transparency. This service covers many leading exchanges including OKX, Gate, Huobi,, and Bybit.

Glass Markets was founded by trading veterans who have worked at some of the largest trading and data firms in crypto. The Stader Labs team will be directly working with the CEO, Matt Batsinelas. Delegating tokens to Glass Markets aims to improve voter participation within the Stader DAO around key areas such as liquidity and offer further transparency to current and prospective stakeholders.

What is needed from Stader DAO?

Delegate voting rights of 250,000 SD tokens from the ecosystem wallet. Glass Markets will be voting from its address glassmarkets.eth


Matt and Glassmarkets team have been quite helpful regarding measuring CEX metrics for SD token. They advised us with selecting the right market maker too. Their dashboard and reports are quite helpful while assessing the health of liquidity of SD tokens on CEXs. Support this proposal.


Mind elaborating how does this work from an operational point of view?

Does Stader transfer 250k SD to your wallet and trust you act in good faith and don’t dump?

Does Stader keep 250k SD in their wallets and votes accordingly to your opinions?

Does Stader transfer 250k SD to you, but there is a multisig?

Thanks !

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Hi @Mariella this is a great question.

Glass Markets holds no custody of the 250k SD. The SD Treasury Wallet will maintain custody. The are solely delegating governance votes to Glass Markets who can then have voting power within the DAO.


good. Thanks a lot for your prompt reply !
So basically you tell them your vote each time and they execute accordingly, via the treasury multisig wallet ?

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@Mariella Not exactly. The treasury will not transfer assets but rather just assign governance rights to Glass Markets.


Hi Glassmarkets team,

I think it is a good idea and I would recommend you guys take it forward and create an on-chain vote for this.



Here is a high-level example report over the past 7 days

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Hey folks,

As part of the stader delegation program, a vote is now live on Snapshot- to delegate 250,000 SD tokens governance rights to Glass markets! Please vote now:


Im guess to become a StaderLab Community Governance

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Hello my name is Antons and i Am CEO of Crouton Digital. We are running validator nodes on few cosmos ecosystem projects, We got delegation from Axelar team to our node, and same story with UMEE, and NYM. Also i am an admin of Coin Metrika community channel with 18k followers. As i am part of community i always try to make decisions based on project and community interests, to achieve there goals. My reputation is important for me, and i can guarantee you that i will participate in DAO voting in honest way, there is no conflict of interest in any case. Also i was participating in Stader from early stages (coinlist sale). My wallet 0xeA56B8a92906A16A0781A0cAE52B473c41b9903C


Hi everyone Cosmos Hoss here. I have been a crypto soldier shortly after covid began. I have been on a mission to help others my entire life but more specifically in web 3. I truly believe crypto is the last chance for humanity to correct so many wrongs of the past. I would be honored to be a part of this and would love to help and represent the community and stader labs to its best of ability. I have always pride myself on my reputation, honor and dignity. I want to be in web3 the rest of my life. My twitter handle is @CosmosHOSS, some of my twitter spaces → I mainly focus on Cosmos and IBC which is very communitarian but I love all crypto.

Anyhow, I met the Stader team several months (met in person at ETH Denver as well) and really respect their passion, grind, resiliency and determination which coincides with my mindset as well.


The proposal to delegate 250k tokens to Glass markets has passed!

The delegation is now compete, and Glass markets will be able to vote from the next proposal.

The committee is evaluating the other applications (composition of the committee will be announced in a few hours). Expect an update on these applications early next week.

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