Delegate Voting Rights of 250,000 SD Tokens To Boston College Blockchain for Community Transparency Efforts

This is a proposal to delegate voting rights of 250,000 SD from the SD Ecosystem Wallet to Boston College Blockchain Club to participate in governance within the Stader DAO. The SD Treasury Wallet will maintain custody of assets and will only delegate voting power to Boston College Blockchain Club to create further diversity of opinions within the DAO and increase community transparency.

BC Blockchain has just started its Governance Team, which is led by the club’s President. For some background on BC Blockchain, the club has been around since 2017 with a mission to educate the Boston College community on all aspects of blockchain technology. The club runs an investment fund, writes research articles, and hosts guest speaker events monthly. For more information check out the club’s website here and our twitter here:

The BC Blockchain delegation team plans to vote as well as contribute to the Stader Labs governance forums with their own proposals when the time is right. We plan to base our decisions primarily on the principles of decentralization, security, and transparency.

What is needed from Stader DAO?

Delegate voting rights of 250,000 SD tokens from the ecosystem wallet. Boston College will be voting from its address 0x31819D3Ab2bA8417331081A597DE1c3094A738c7


Glass Markets is in full support of this!


Feels good to have you here.

I love to see Blockchain Clubs on universities, and it is laudable to see students getting involved in this technology and on DAO governance since the very beginning of their professional careers. You have my support !

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Cool stuff, nice to see university clubs getting onboard.