Delegate Voting Rights To Chris To Improve Stader's Long-Term Success

This is a proposal to delegate voting rights of 250k of SD from the SD Ecosystem Wallet** to Chris (Me) to participate in governance within the Stader DAO. The SD Treasury Wallet will maintain custody of assets and will only delegate voting power to Chris to create further diversity of opinions within the DAO and increase community transparency. That being said, I’m also good if they want to send me the SD, I’ll happily keep custody of it. In fact, it makes more sense to lockup SD and give it to me over time to ensure I make good decisions that keep the price high. If delegated I’m going to propose we give delegators some SD as a bonus in a year if SD price goes up relative to BTC to ensure there is incentive for good decision making.

I will work alongside the Stader Labs team to make decisions around market-making, governance, money, chains to add, MEV, DEFI, and other partnerships/optimizations.

I’m one of the owners of Flexpool, until the merge we were an ETH mining pool. We grew from nothing to the 4th largest pool in just over a year thanks to incredibly strong marketing. We were the first pool to publicly have MEV (and other goodies to boost ETH income) and we know a lot of the tricks/players, knowledge that Stader could use going into ETH. I’m damn good at what I do, if Stader adds MEV to Polygon it’ll be directly because I got the ball rolling. I own a small amount of SD and a decent amount of MaticX. Once Stader releases ETHx I may exchange my wstETH with Lido for it. My company may also do permissioned staking as an operator but that isn’t something we’ve decided on yet. In addition, we have tons of crypto miner customers with bags of crypto (aka great customers for staking with Stader on several chains). We run, an ETH gas price estimator with chain analysis (maybe Stader will rent a banner ad from us?). Several chains have PoW mining and staking so it may be a good idea for Stader to have a mining pool in its corner.

Why Do You Want Me?
In the end, you want me in your corner because I like money, I like APR, I’m an expert at marketing, and I’ll definitely work to make sure SD price goes up while Stader pays more APR than others. I get around 6% off the Matic-Maticx pool and I haven’t been selling my SD lately because I expect it to bull due to ETHx. Stader currently makes around 5% of it’s total value which is too low since after costs that means if everyone stakes, they can probably only get 2% APR. I will work to make Stader the pool people refer to when they say Rocket Pool. Going into ETHx, I’m probably one of the more knowledgeable people when it comes to ETH. I’m not a suit, I’m not a developer focused on making a good product, I’m just here to make money. I will definitely help get SD on exchanges if there’s anything I can do, but I don’t got any exchange contacts so likely not. To be straight, I will not work full-time to make Stader better for 0 pay, but I will chip in some extra time each week to review things and make suggestions. I’ve helped set up things/advise Stader in the past and as I mentioned I set up the contact between Stader and the Polygon version of Flashbots.

What is needed from Stader DAO?

Delegate voting rights of 250k of SD tokens from the ecosystem wallet. Chris will be voting from a burner address he just made. I’ll sent is some ETH if some is needed for gas later on(Address 0x3fDffa22dc2B341B6713A3d4b8C2BC301Eb0BD90 | Etherscan)


Chris, thank you so much for your post.

That’s an impressive proposal and I will be happy to support it ! I will shoot you a DM too.


so glad to have you on the Stader boat!


PS: If elected I will cut costs and maximize profits for Stader+token holders. I will also focus much more on security. For each contract I will specifically ensure they are audited 1-2 times by trusted auditors and that there are clear bug bounties/incentives for hackers so that they rather take the legal over the illegal income.

I would support a 20/80 split at the start of income (20 to stakers, 80 to the Stader team), but only as long as the Stader team spends it wisely. I think a great example is how Musk went into Twitter and cut the fat. I’m fine with Stader getting most of the income while the protocol is expanding as long as they submit reports breaking down where the money is going so we can ensure there is no private $100k chef in the dining room or other excesses. On that note, I’m fine paying employees what they are worth and good crypto devs are expensive. I will make sure every employee with access is properly vetted, KYCed, and that a criminal background check is done.

I understand that financial statements can’t be public except perhaps a general overview but I would support a select few large SD holders who sign a NDA getting access to review the details and ensure spending is appropriate.

Note that the above is what I support, as I’m not being paid you can only expect so much time to be spent.

I dont understand.

They are audited 15 times across 6 blockchains (see this link) and they are getting 3 audits on ETH: Consensys Dilligence, Sigma Prime, Halborn.

On top of the rest of opsec like bug bounties, real-time onchain monitoring, and multisig wallets…

Check. All this is public info by the way…

SD was audited once by Halborn according to the link you provided, Luna was audited once by Halborn. I will definitely ensure the SD contract is audited twice for SD holders.