Delegate Voting Rights of 250,000 SD Tokens to Suffolk University Blockchain Club for informed governance

Hello Stader DAO Community! I am Mac, the founder and president of Suffolk University Blockchain Club. Our club started in 2021 has been actively engaged in the blockchain community - not only representing our school but the broader blockchain student community. As the club president, I actively contributed to governance at dYdX as part of the DAO analytics team: (Commonwealth).

Our goal is to bring informed student governance to Stader:
-See the whole picture
-Represent the builders and young degens
-Maintain a long-term community-centric perspective
-Remain neutral on heated topics

Being based in Boston, our club boasts 100+ members and a strong network - this includes a local student collaborative with the Presidents of top blockchain clubs in the area. It would be amazing to contribute to informed governance alongside the Stader DAO community and help drive the future of DAO governance forward!


Wallet Address for Delegation:


(Mac, President for Suffolk University Blockchain Club)

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