Delegate Voting Rights To Cambridge Blockchain Society


We are the CBS Governance sub-committee, a delegate team from the Cambridge Blockchain Society dedicated to encouraging active contribution in token-based governance.

CBS was founded by students in 2018, with a mission to advance and proactively support the blockchain ecosystem at the University of Cambridge. In service of this, we act as a facilitating hub between current students, alumni, and industry sponsors in an effort to connect the worlds of crypto and academia.

We have a strong network consisting of dozens of other university blockchain societies, and extensive experience in hosting conferences and bootcamps to promote crypto - both within Cambridge, and the wider academic ecosystem.

What We Do

Our society currently consists of over 2000 students and alumni in our discord and signed up to our mailing list.

We’ve hosted multiple bootcamps here in Cambridge - with 50+ students participating in a 5-week solidity bootcamp in December 2021. In Summer 2021, we hosted 85 people in full residence at a Cambridge College for 5 weeks, for a Polkadot Academy bootcamp with Gavin Wood.

We’re incredibly proactive in our commitments to education and up-skilling talent; in the 2021/22 academic year, we brought home prizes for innovative projects while sending +60 students abroad to:

  • ETH Barcelona
  • ETH Lisbon
  • ETH Amsterdam hackathons

Furthermore, we have hosted our Blockchain: Applied conference attracting over 500 attendees, mostly from universities all over the UK.

Delegate Statement

As the Cambridge Blockchain Society, we are excited to announce our candidacy as delegates to the Stader DAO’s governance process.

We are part of a community of experts and thought leaders in the blockchain industry, and we have a proven track record of success in driving innovation and adoption in the space, having received very welcome responses for our delegation proposals with established protocols like Arbitrum.

For these reasons, we feel well-suited to help drive value for Stader token holders.

Our governance sub-team is organized in several verticals, with members focused on specific protocols or general business areas.

Thus, as delegates, through active interest and engagement in the Stader Labs governance, we are committed to:

  • Vote independently and impartially;
  • Share our motivations and decision-making process.

As a close-knit community, we are also able to leverage this expertise horizontally and can serve as ideal candidates for the league labs essential to growth within the DAO. Discussion of our research on proposals takes place weekly and prior to our internal voting process. Our internal voting process is an equally weighted, anonymous, democratic process made to ensure impartial voting.

We believe that our unique perspective, skill set, and experience of working with established DAOs in the DeFi space, combined with our commitment to supporting the growth and development of Stader DAO, make us an ideal candidate for delegation.

We hope you will consider supporting our candidacy and allowing us to help shape the future of Stader DAO.

Delegation Address
Gnosis Multi-sig (2/3): camblockchain.eth

Contact Links: