Delegate Voting Rights to Marc from Blockshard to participate in governance

Hello Stader Community,

I’m reaching out to express my interest in becoming a delegate for the Stader DAO. I believe my experience, commitment, and technical expertise align well with the vision and goals of Stader, and I’m excited about the opportunity to contribute to its future.

I am the CEO and co-founder of Blockshard, a staking provider in the blockchain space. I’ve been working in crypto since 2018, since 2021 full time. While we entered the Ethereum staking ecosystem relatively late in November last year, I’ve since then actively contributed to various staking-related protocols, especially SSV where I recently joined the DAO as a member of the grants committee.

My awareness and involvement with Stader began during the late testnet phase of ETHx. Recognizing its potential, Blockshard transitioned to the mainnet in June as a permissionless launch partner. I am genuinely convinced of Stader’s potential in the Ethereum liquid staking space. The low staking requirement of just 4.4 ETH is a game-changer, democratizing participation and furthering the decentralization of ETH staking.

Why I believe I’d make a good delegate:

  1. Technical Proficiency: My deep-rooted understanding of staking in general and Ethereum staking specifically, Stader’s liquid staking solution, and the ongoing SSV integration into ETHx equips me to make informed decisions for voting on proposals.
  2. Commitment to Decentralization: At the heart of Stader lies the principle of decentralization. I firmly believe in its importance for the platform’s integrity and long-term viability. As Stader continues its growth trajectory, I pledge to ensure that this core principle remains intact and is always prioritized.

If this proposal is successful, delegation should be made to the following address: 0xC0aE28A02e633a60f7564969F4f7065AB4Fe1E4a


Thank you very much for your proposal, Marc! You haven’t stopped adding value on our community, advicing and mentoring newbies as they start their validation journey!

Couldn’t be more glad and proud, so I completely support your proposal.


woot woot ! new N.O joining the family.

This is the 17th SD delegate application if not mistaken.

My liquid staked ETH couldn’t be in better hands!


As I said in Morty’s post, really happy to see valuable community members coming from Discord to apply and participate in the forum.

You got my support, welcome aboard Marc!