Proposal to Delegate Voting Rights to Syke

I am Favour, a crypto enthusiast and blockchain fanatic.
Governance and proposals are two different things that need an appropriate team and set of individuals coming together to make it happen by believing in the project and its goals and mission.
Stader Labs and Protocols are certainly set for that huge breaking in the crypto world, that will set it on the map, where likened projects will love to be part of the success journey and this can only happen with the best proposals and governance.
I am applying to be a Delegator, not just to answer the name of a Delegator, but to make a difference and be part of the success story of this great project.
I will love to be part of the team that will be among those to make the right decision by voting and also proposing ideas for the protocol to attain a greater level and heights as we advance.

Thank you.

Hey Favour!

Thanks for taking the time to put up this proposal. Definitely having active members in governance talks and voting is something relevant for us.

So far, the Delegates onboarded were people that were already active in the community and/or had a proven track of quality governance activity across different projects’ governance forums.

It would be useful if you could provide any of these proofs of past activity, and if it isn’t the case, I encourage you to stay active within the community (here and Discord), so maybe the members can get to know you and how could you be useful for governance. You could then try to apply for next cohort.