Delegate Voting Rights to Boiler DAO

Dear Stader community!

We are BoilerDAO, previously BoilerBlockchain, a thriving blockchain club at Purdue University that serves as a hub for blockchain enthusiasts and visionaries. Since its establishment in 2021, our dedicated community of 40 active members has been instrumental in fostering growth and innovation across five key branches: operations, research, delegation, development, and education. As a demonstration of our commitment to shaping the future of decentralized tech, Boiler DAO has been actively participating in governance since September 2022.

Address: 0x2345F4E0CdF00D427D773413Dd4617d0156c29A9 (ETH)
ENS: boilerblockchain.eth
Twitter: @BoilerChain

At BoilerDAO, our voting decisions are guided by five core values that uphold the integrity of our club and ensure the long-term success of the Stader community:

  1. Transparency: We maintain an unbiased approach and are not influenced by external factors. Boiler DAO is always open to answering questions about our votes or providing justifications for our decisions on proposals.
  2. Feasibility and Sustainability: In making voting decisions, we thoroughly discuss the potential impacts of a proposal internally, taking into consideration its practicality and long-term viability.
  3. Purpose and Goals: We carefully assess whether a proposal aligns with and contributes to the Stader community’s vision, ensuring that it supports the objectives.
  4. Diversity: In the spirit of decentralization, we actively promote an environment that nurtures the cultivation of diverse ideas and perspectives, ensuring that no proposal is exclusive or restrictive, but rather contributes to open and inclusive collaboration.
  5. Cost/Benefit: Our voting decisions are informed by a thorough evaluation of the costs and benefits associated with each proposal, ensuring that it remains viable and beneficial for the community as a whole.

We would be more than happy for the opportunity to become your Stader DAO delegate. Many of our members have been closely following the project’s progress, particularly in anticipation of the upcoming ETHx launch.

You can take a look at our voting proposal records here

Boardroom: Boardroom Profile
Optimism: Optimism Agora

Disclosure of Conflict(s) of Interest:

We are currently governance delegates for Optimism and dYdX, while pursuing opportunities to become governance delegates for both Arbitrum and Origin Protocol.

Waiver of liability:

By working together with BoilerDAO, the club reserves the rights to not be responsible for any kind of harm and losses in relation to the participation in Stader Labs. Stader Labs acknowledges and understands that by delegating to BoilerDAO, we will give our best contribution and participate proactively to make this project successful.

Stanley Tejakusuma, Boiler DAO


very complete, transparent, and strong proposal. Happy to support on my side!