List of SD Wallets and balances


To increase transparency in SD token treasury operations, this post lays down the following:

  • Background on SD Tokens
  • List of SD Wallets
  • Report on SD Balances held in Stader wallets
  1. Background

Stader (SD) token is the native governance and value accrual token for Stader. It is an ERC-20 token in limited supply capped at 150Mn tokens.

The token distribution is as below with more details available.

  1. List of SD Wallets

The below is the list of key SD wallets held by Stader. All the wallets are 2 on 3 multisigs with independent members. Rewards, DAO and Ecosystem wallets will be moved to 3 on 5 composed of Stader Core team and Governance Council members via a forum proposal:

Wallet Name Wallet Address
Rewards 0xae7104b8efed6cf969369a1972e97f1891d9bece
Team & Advisors 0x1536dbbf79fb529cd14ecae2d7b0fb5c88642487
Private Sale 0x25759ff48688c34794810bcb93cf369dd0e41e09
DAO Fund 0xa3fa7b42f489d64e43c702729c8a39a8ad6bf8fc
Ecosystem Fund 0xbd868af4a895fab12aaa872cbd79208fcd58a64d
  1. Report on SD Balances held in Stader wallets

Below is a summary of the SD being held in Stader Wallets and across exchanges which amount to 92.80% (As on 22nd Nov’22) of total SD supply:

Wallet % As on 22Nov
Treasury 92.80% 139,194,670
Rewards 32.39% 48,582,175
Team & Advisors 17.00% 25,499,800
Private Sale 15.90% 23,850,432
DAO Fund 15.00% 22,500,000
Ecosystem Fund 10.70% 16,048,971
All other wallets 1.81% 2,710,901

Source: $0.48 | Stader (SD) Token Tracker | Etherscan

*Majority of private sale participants have agreed to delay vesting to Jan’23 in lieu of Terra 1.0 incident.

**Ecosystem fund tokens used for market making and providing LPs across chains.

Do share in the comments on what else you would like to see on SD token related information.


Thanks for sharing, transparency is always welcome… I’m sure all the hard work the Stader teams are putting in will bring the $SD Token to the value it deserves! …

Very nice, SD give community more power

Dear @Aditya, when will accrue next tranche of SD tokens airdrop, from the community farming?

Hey, $SD token can currently be farmed across ~30 different platforms.

You can have an excellent overview of what’s available in each chain:


For Terra 2.0, we are getting it built. :slight_smile:

Thanks for your replay, but I meant when the airdrop of community farming will be airdropped to our wallets. I got only part of my farmed SD tokens on terra classic before the collapse, when will we receive the other part?