Stader- Token Release Schedule

Over the past few weeks, Stader has been taking strides towards decentralisation, and community-led governance. Voting is currently live on a proposal on the Near Chain, and a proposal for the BNB chain is up for discussion on our community forum.

Stader (SD) token is the native governance for the Stader platform. It is an ERC-20 token in limited supply capped at 150Mn tokens.

With SD staking about to go live in the next few weeks (watch this space for a post on that soon), it’s a great time to share more information with our community about the Token Release Schedule for the Stader (SD) token (for the next 36 months). For an in-depth look at our vision, business model, and tokenomics, please refer to our litepaper.

The token distribution, release schedule and more details are covered below:

  1. Stader’s Tokenomics
    Screenshot 2023-01-10 at 5.56.22 PM

  2. List of SD Wallets

Key SD Wallets and their addresses with balances were previously shared on the forum, here.

  1. Token release schedule:

a) Graph showing % SD tokens

b) Graph showing # SD tokens

Clarifications about the schedule above:

  1. Reward emissions for future launches including Eth, Aptos etc. are not included in the emissions shown above. This will be shared with the community closer towards the launch dates.

  2. Founding team has voluntarily postponed the beginning of the vesting of their tokens from Oct '22 to June ’23. Tokens will be vested to founders linearly for 36 months starting end-Jun’23.

  3. As per original TRS, private sale unlocks started in March ‘’22. Majority of investors agreed to postpone unlocks (due through May '22 to Dec ’22) to Jan ‘23 in light of Terra 1.0 collapse.

  4. 0.3% of total SD tokens from the Ecosystem fund have been deployed across LPs across L1s (incl. Uniswap, Quickswap, Apeswap, Ref finance etc.) and are not part of emissions shown above.

You can access the data here


sound good to SD holder

Good tokenomics.

Really glad to hear that both team and private investors decided to postpone their vested tokens. It goes to show how aligned they are on the long-term success of the company.

I hadn’t known about that, sounds very well and respectful. Good job!

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Well designed tokenomics, cool! :sunglasses:

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It’s 700k plus 500k. So 1.2mil a month then when team starts releasing it will be 1.9mil a month

Happy to hear about $SD staking :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :grinning: