Welcome Thread: Introduce yourself!

Hello! :wave:

Welcome to the Stader Community Governance Forum! We think it’s important to create a space for the community to get to know each other.

Introduce yourself! Feel free to share as much you’re comfortable with:

  • What are your interests?
  • What do you use Stader for?
  • Which assets are you staking through Stader?
  • How would you like to contribute here?

Let’s get started!!


Hello! My name is Roma
My interests: crypto industry, investments, participation in project development
Stader I use for staking
Through Stader, I stake a range of tokens available for staking
I would like to contribute to the development of the project as an ambassador or in any other way that the project will provide.


Hey! My name is Mariella and I have been staking with Stader since day 1.

It all started with LunaX, and once we got live in Hedera, Fantom, and Polygon, Stader was the reason to get some HBAR and some FTM.

I like where things are going! I am looking forward to use my SD stack for governance!


Nice to be here!
I am a multichain stakooor and SD holdooor.

Currently staking in all chains except Terra (although that’s how I got started in the first place).

I like how Stader is slowly but steadily positioning its liquid staking token as the bedrock of capital-efficient DeFi.

This new chapter in Governance is exciting, glad to be part of it!


Hi. My name is Roman.
I am an active member of the crypto community, I have my own group in Telegram for active validators and testnet participants.
Currently i stake through Stader bnb and near.
I have good skills in creating promo videos and translating articles to German and Russian languages.
I’ve been following the project for many months and participate in both option on coinlist. I would be happy to help the project in any way I can.
Have a good day!


Hey mate, will DM you.


Hi Im Adam from Aus. interest crypto currencies, blockchain, smart contracts, dapps,de-fi, programming, Music recording, mixing and mastering
Strader for staking and to meet like minded people and contribute to the community and the project with top level contributer being my goal


Good day Stader Community. I have been an old school LP, and have a passion for Defi. I am so thrilled to have found out about Stader through the SSV call video a couple weeks back. I was so impressed with the team competence and quality of the project, I ended up doing many hours of research, and could not be more impressed.

I am looking forward to playing an active role in the community as time comes to pass. I am in the learning and research phase still currently, and hope to be able to help others along in their journey soon here in the future.

I will be a SD staker, and will be actively voting and maybe creating some proposals. Looking forward to working together with you all. Cheers.


Really glad to have you on the Stader community @YellowCake, welcome to the family !


can you shoot me a message in DM or in Telegram at Telegram: Contact @gonemultichain ?

Thanks. :saluting_face:


haven not been very active as of late but still in the hbar community and working for mydata.org on a FAIR and sustainable online life.


Hi :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:
I’m Mykyta from the Stader community. A crypto entrepreneur who is looking for more connections and creating some cool applications which will help humanity in the future. Hope, we have the same goals :handshake:


Hi guys first post after being here for a while, I wish you all the stader community great days ahead and prosperity and success


Hello. :upside_down_face: My name is Vera. I am a crypto enthusiast, app tester, investor


zkWarrior here. Interested about Ethereum, scaling solutions, and restaking.

Keeping an eye on Stader. You guys seem serial builders.

Staked a couple ETH yesterday. I love the ETHx UI/UX.


Hello! My name is Alex I am cryptoman)) have a nice good day


Hello Guys…

I am Favour, from Nigeria. I am a cryptocurrency and blockchain enthusiast.
Looking forward in deploying a project real soon, that will help the way finances are being controlled and moved in the e-commerce industry.

Glad to be on Stader Labs Forum​:heart::heart:



my name is Frank, I am into crypto since 2021. Startet with ETH mining back then.
I now run my own stader node on an intel nuc with one validator.

I believe in ETH longterm so I am planning on gathering more ETH to spin up more
validators on my node for the next years to come.
Also re-staking the SD rewards to prepare for the next validator.

I too hold BNB which I stake with Stader and put my BNBx into Defi.

I will try to help other node operators and try to give feedback to improve the stader-cli
to get the best node operator experience possible…


Welcome to the team, love to see the DAO family growin’ !