We’d like to build a Stader community dashboard on Alphaday that aggregates Stader news, on-chain data, social media, user resources and much more into one customizable UI. MVP (Beta): app.alphaday.com

Proposal Summary with key suggestions:

Alphaday builds crypto experience dashboards for enthusiasts, developers, and projects. Users can drag and drop from hundreds of services, news and social feeds, charts, and dapp functionality to create their daily workflows inside a single dashboard. This eliminates the need to have multiple browser tabs open to get different bits of information. Ie. imagine having token prices, gas prices, twitter feed, latest news headlines, TVL data across all blockchains, staking APY, as per token and its corresponding blockchain, DeFi ecosystems accessible to stakers, and any other information any user could possibly want all within one single dashboard.

Background about the proposal or relevant entity linked to the proposal (if applicable):

I’ve been involved in the Ethereum space since early 2016 and joined Kyber Network in 2017 as Head of Ecosystem Growth before quitting to start Alphaday full-time in 2021. Previously I worked at Thomson Reuters for a decade building financial products that rivaled the Bloomberg Terminal. I am currently also a Venture Partner at IOSG.VC

My co-founder Felipe has also been involved in Ethereum since 2016 and was a Developer Advocate at Pegasys and Consensys before quitting to work full time on Alphaday.

Alphaday’s third co-founder is DeFiDude who used to be a community manager at both Aave and Kyber Network before co-founding Alphaday.




Who will the proposal benefit? Expected impact and value for the Stader community;

Crypto has exploded in popularity over the last 4-5 years and there is so much going on that it’s almost impossible to keep up with everything. Our user research showed that users are overwhelmed with information and spend a lot of time jumping from one news source to another, from one social site to another, and usually have dozens of tabs open to stay up to date with everything happening in a community.

Having all this information in one place allows Stader stakeholders (ie. users, developers, investors) to easily stay up to date on Stader ecosystem updates, see the latest news and developments, do research and stay engaged. In general users who can track their favourite projects more easily stay more engaged with the project which in turn supports user retention.

Are there any underlying risks?

None that can fundamentally be of detriment to Stader, its users, and its community.

Other details, including any analysis, that corroborate the key suggestions:

We would like to create a Stader ecosystem dashboard that aggregates the following information into a single community dashboard:

  • The latest Stader official announcements and blog post content.

  • A feed of all news mentions of Stader from coindesk, cointelegraph and 20+ other news sources aggregated from across the internet.

  • A calendar containing all Stader events including Stader Governance votes, meetups, hackathons with Stader bounties, AMAs.

  • Podcast feed containing the latest appearances and interviews given by Stader team members.

  • Youtube stream containing educational Stader content.

  • Integration with Stader Governance Forum to show the latest and trending discussion topics

  • Discord & Telegram Integration to show a feed of latest discussions

  • FAQ’s, Litepaper, SD tokenomics information.

  • Stader metrics including Total and individual token (e.g. HBARX, MATICX) TVL, number of Unique stakers, and other metrics pulled in from Dune Analytics.

Expected effort / resources needed from the StaderLabs team and/or the community (if applicable):

We should be able to build and deploy the above dashboard within 2 months so if this grant is approved we want to launch the Stader dashboard by February 2023.


1,000 USDC upfront costs for development including integrating the discussion forums, blog post, social feed, jobs listing, TVL and other on-chain metrics.

100 USDC per month for 12 months for maintenance including having an Alphaday content analyst quality-checking the dashboard every day and ensuring the Calendar widget is up-to-date with latest Stader events, all news mentions across the internet are captured by the dashboard, any updates not automatically captured by the Alphaday aggregator engine is manually added to the board, and other maintenance tasks.

Total Budget: 2,200 USDC

Metrics/KPIs to track results.

Once we’ve created a Stader dashboard, we will promote this across the Stader community and start collecting feedback so that we can keep iterating and improving our dashboard. For us success is if a large number of Stader stakeholders come to the dashboard to stay up to date with everything happening within Stader and then use the available data as jumping off points into the various parts of the Stader ecosystem. Ie. SD holders using the board to find trending governance topics to participate in, devs using the resource library to dive deeper into the technical documents, and newcomers listening to the latest podcasts.

In terms of concrete numbers, considering Stader has 78K twitter followers and using this as a very crude proxy for community size, we would consider it a success if we could serve at least 1% of them on a monthly basis (780 MAU).

The grant work will result in a dashboard dedicated to serving the Stader community by aggregating all relevant information aboutStader including media communities, on-chain metrics, Stader academy, Stader (SD) tokenomics into one place. Our desired outcome is to provide a new end-point for community engagement and to bolster Stader’s outreach.

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Hi @Mike, could you please share with us how the dashboard could look like? E.g have you done this for any other DeFi project before, or have a demo that we can look at?


Yes, you can see the dashboard we built for Arbitrum below, and we are currently also building dashboards for Dfinity, Aave, and Verasity, and have a few more in the pipeline for January onwards.


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Hey Mike,

Thank you for sharing the idea. It looks nice, the Arbitrum Dashboard but I feel like something missing there for me.
Maybe detailed info for TVL, and a few charts.
But Arbitrum is not the case.

About Funding, you said:

How this sum was calculated? Cause it seems like the 1k USDC you asking for is net payment for development.

I haven’t found any related info that Alphaday has such services and costs, maybe I was looking in the wrong places. If you don’t mind to clarify this point, please.

After these 12 months, would another be opened proposal for a new Grant?
Who will keep updating the info and checking the content?

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Hi @WaXTeP, thanks for the questions! Deniz here, co-founder of Alphaday and I’ll try to address your questions below.

You mentioned the Arbitrum dashboard looks nice but something is missing, maybe detailed info for TVL and a few charts and we can certainly build these widgets for the Alphaday Stader dashboard. We tailor each dashboard for each individual project we work with (we’re currently also working with Dfinity, Aave and a few other projects to release ecosystem dashboards for their communities) so if you tell us TVL or any other metrics are important to the community, then we can integrate these into Alphaday. It’s a matter of us having a call with your team and going over you and the communities priorities in terms of what datapoints and what social/visual/audio media you would like to see on the Stader dashboard.

Regarding the $1k upfront cost, this is calculated based on the time it costs for our dev team to build and deploy a Stader-specific dashboard. This includes collecting the data and APIs required to automate the Stader dashboard and then deploying all the various widgets (15+ widgets).

The remaining $1.2k is split across 12 months (so $100 per month) and that goes to our content analyst who maintains the Stader dashboard on a daily basis. Although we try to automate as much of the dashboard as possible there are still a few manual data capture components and quality checks we carry out to ensure all the info is up to date.

Regarding what happens after 12 months, I think there are two scenarios we can consider after we’ve reviewed the results of the 12 month period:

a. The dashboard does not add value to the Stader community in which case we won’t ask for a new grant but will keep maintaining the existing dashboard in automatic mode
b. The dashboard adds value in which case we’d like to explore integrating Stader on-chain functionality like staking directly into the dashboard (ie. we deploy a Stader Staking Widget on Alphaday that lets people stake in Polygon, Eth2.0, Avalanche directly from the Alphaday dashboard). In such a scenario ideally we’d like to ask for a new grant.

Let me know if you have any other questions I can address. We’d really love to have the opportunity to build a Stader ecosystem dashboard.


Hello, Deniz-Alphaday, nice to meet you.

Thank you for the detailed answer, sounds well promising and if this dashboard will contain all the necessary info, it might be much more useful and pull more attention across other staking chains and even bring new users.
In terms, if you will find a way to make Alphaday dashboard much more competitive and more unique in equal to Dune or the native Stader metric analytics like the Polygon or BNB?

Hi @WaXTeP, Happy New Year!

That’s a good question. Regarding pulling more attention across other staking chains and bringing in new users, we already have them included on our roadmap at a later stage. For now, to attract users, we are focusing on building unique and customized dashboards tailored for users of each individual project we work with.

As for our competitiveness, as a specialized and exclusively cryptocurrency-centric data aggregator application we believe that we are already conceptually unique. We are not competitors to Dune or the likes but rather want to bring their data to the users for easy access. In other words, we are not creators of data but we garner it from all over the web and other sources to bring to the final user, so that they don’t have to do the research and so that they won’t have to open a new tab every time they want to view an update.

Having said that, we are ceaselessly looking for new ways to improve our product and features as well as bringing in new widgets to serve our users. For example, our market widget may likely be improved with new indicators and other options in the near future.

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Hi @WaXTeP, is there any other info we can provide? Any thoughts on whether we could move forward with this?

Hey @Deniz-Alphaday ,

My apologies for the delayed answer.
Thank you @Mike for your detailed answer above.

Unfortunately, I’m not the address to make any decisions regarding funding.

My opinion is that the funding you ask for is worth your efforts.
ETHx and SD tokens staking model is going to be launched very soon.
There are lots of chains and information that I prefer to see in one place.
DAO live on the snapshot if you are going to put your proposal on DAO voting, definitely, it’s going to be YES from me.

P.S. I’m worried that not many people participated in our conversation, I want to believe that my questions were the voice of the community.

@Gonemultichain @sweetcheeks @Mariella what do you think about this proposal guys?


Hi team, I wanted to ask if there’s an update on the above. Any thoughts/comments on our proposal would be greatly appreciated.

Hi team, just wanted to follow up on the above. We’d appreciate any kind of response even if it’s to say there’s no interest to proceed with this proposal.

Hi @Deniz-Alphaday.

There is no immediate interest but we are considering a Stader Grants Program to be launched soon and this would very well be a nice proposal for the committee to evaluate as soon as it is formed.


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