About Announcements & Updates

Announcement & Updates

The Stader Core Team (SCT) will share proposals that seek to increase transparency and accountability in our journey towards progressive decentralization.

Topics will include:

  1. Weekly & fortnightly updates across the Stader ecosystem
  2. General information about Stader Tokens, details of distribution for public sale
  3. Stader Rewards budget, Treasury Overview
  4. New Launches, partnerships & integrations
  5. Proposals to launch Stader on new blockchains
  6. Partnerships and integrations across the DeFi ecosystem (Wallet integrations, DeFi protocols etc)
  7. Blockchain specific topics
  8. Any proposal that has an implication on grants or incentives.

Validation Process

The proposal will be open for feedback from the community via comments for a minimum of 3 days (72 hours). The proposal will be acted on after considering all the inputs received from the community.