Framework for Stader Roadmap sharing & updates

The overarching goal of Stader protocol is to help decentralize and secure the Proof of Stake networks it is part of. SD, as the Utility and Governance token of the platform, takes a leading role in aligning incentives across all participants in the Stader ecosystem.

In particular, in Ethereum, Stader goals can be measured in terms of:

  • Total Value Locked in the platform.
  • Number of Node Operators and Validators being part of ETHx.

As these metrics grow, so does the Utility of SD.

Moving forward, I would like to propose a framework to share monthly and quarterly updates regarding Stader protocol and the most important areas various teams are focusing on…

This Roadmap will contain three major work streams that help advance our goals:

  1. Protocol upgrades and new feature launches
  2. New integrations and partnerships
  3. SD Tokenomics related
  4. Any other miscellaneous areas

The updates to the community should follow the below cadence:

  • Quarterly forum post with a forward-looking 3-6-month Roadmap.

  • Monthly post (first week of the month) with key milestones achieved past month, and key forward-looking areas of focus.

I would love to continue hearing feedback from the community on these new DAO steps and rituals. Please share your thoughts here in the forum or in any of our communities across socials!