Stader 2023 Recap & Roadmap for H1 2024

As outlined in our previous forum post, Ecosystem team will be sharing a 6-month forward-looking roadmap encompassing protocol upgrades, new features, integrations, partnerships, and tokenomics improvements along with monthly updates regarding progress/ achievements.

Here are the key areas across which the ecosystem team will be sharing updates and milestones.

  • Goals and Milestones achieved
  • Protocol Upgrades and New Features
  • New Integrations and Partnerships.
  • Tokenomics Updates

Completed since ETHx launch in July 2023

  • Goals and Milestones Achieved
    :white_check_mark: TVL at ~65k Eth ($150 Mn+)
    :white_check_mark: $35 Mn+ Liquidity for ETHx across DEXes
    :white_check_mark: 5% of circulating SD supply (1.7 Mn SD) bonded by permissionless validators
    :white_check_mark: Reached 200-node-operator-count milestone
    :white_check_mark: Reached 2000-validator-count milestone

  • Protocol Upgrades and New Features
    :white_check_mark: Released ETHx Metrics Dashboard
    :white_check_mark: Released Node Operator Metrics dashboard
    :white_check_mark: Release DVT Litepaper
    :white_check_mark: Launched Stader DVT cluster

  • New Integrations and Partnerships
    :white_check_mark: Enabled two Top 5 institutional / custodial wallets (BitGo, Anchorage)
    :white_check_mark: Native integration for ETHx on Ledger completed. Several other top wallet integrations underway
    :white_check_mark: Snapshots passed with top MM/ CDP platforms including Aave, Lybra
    :white_check_mark: Partnership with two Tier-1 Node Operator hardware and cloud solutions (Allnodes, Avado)

  • Tokenomics Updates
    :white_check_mark: Activated SD on-chain governance (first use-case)
    :white_check_mark: Enabled additional utility for SD as bond to enter the permissionless set of ETHx (second use-case)
    :white_check_mark: Reduce SD emissions across non-Ethereum chains

Quarter 1 2024 Roadmap

  • Protocol Upgrades and New Features
    ☐ Release SD Utility Pool allowing spinning up validators with only-ETH exposure
    ☐ ETHx & SD expansion to Layer2 blockchains.
    ☐ SD rewards auto-collateral deposit
    ☐ Node diversity metrics dashboard
    ☐ Scaling the validator count on Stader DVT cluster

  • New Integrations and Partnerships
    ☐ Whitelist ETHx on at least 3 more tier-1 Money market/ CDP protocols
    ☐ Native Integration on at least two of the Top 10 most-used wallets
    ☐ Partnership with Tier-1 Node Operator hardware

  • Tokenomics Updates
    ☐ Enable third use-case for SD : Delegate SD to the SD Utility Pool
    ☐ Kickstart $SD rewards flywheel for node operators
    ☐ Redirect DAO commissions to ETHx permissionless validator set to encourage further decentralization

Quarter 2 2024 Roadmap

  • Protocol and Product Research areas
    ☐ KYC-based staking pool for institutions seeking compliant staking solutions
    ☐ Reduce ETH bond for node operators using DVT and other upgrades
    ☐ Launch native ETH staking on L2s

  • New Integrations and Partnerships
    ☐ Additional integrations in top borrowing and lending protocols
    ☐ Additional integrations in top decentralized stablecoin issuers
    ☐ Additional integrations in L2 DeFi protocols

  • Tokenomics Research areas
    ☐ Explore further utility for SD token on ETHx and other chains

Goals and Milestones for H1 2024

  1. Reach 200,000-ETH-staked milestone
  2. Reach 400-Node-Operator-count milestone