Delegate Voting Rights to Michigan Blockchain


Founded in 2018, Blockchain at Michigan’s mission is to prepare students to excel in the blockchain space. We accomplish this by providing opportunities in education, consulting, and governance.

Education: Each semester, new members are required to attend weekly education sessions that culminate in a final project showcase. Our curriculum not only teaches valuable developer skills, but also the necessary business context to understand where to apply blockchain solutions.

Consulting: Our members gain professional experience by providing developer and business consulting services to blockchain startups and Fortune 500 companies’ emerging crypto divisions. Recent clients include Solana, Paypal, TRM Labs, etc, some of whom have partnered with us over multiple semesters.

Governance: We believe participating in governance is one of the most impactful ways to shape the future of DeFi. As delegates for Uniswap, Aave, Arbitrum and Compound, we actively work with the stakeholders in each protocol’s ecosystem.

What We Do on Governance

Michigan Blockchain’s governance participation recently hit a two-year mark. We began our governance division after establishing two other primary club activities: education and consulting. Upon its founding in 2018, MB began as an educational cohort for blockchain curious students from various backgrounds, including engineering, business, and law. Post establishing a strong student following, we began consulting for various protocols, startups, and larger corporations with emerging crypto divisions. We’ve worked with the likes of PayPal, Microsoft, Solana, Immutable, LayerZero, etc. With such a track record, we were able to effectively spur our governance division, which is currently in charge of managing delegations for Uniswap, Aave, Compound, Arbitrum, and Origin Dollar.

We are actively involved in working with various protocols, investors, and delegates in discussing proposals. For instance, we work with risk assessors like Gauntlet and Chaos Labs on a weekly basis to assess Aave and Compound parameters. Our group also reviews a handful of proposal drafts prior to their public release on forums. Protocols turn to our team to thereafter speak with relevant stakeholders to garner votes. We are also involved in writing proposals from scratch, acting like governance consultants. Early this year, for instance, we wrote proposals for deploying Uniswap on Avalanche, Moonbeam, Base, and Filecoin VM. As a final step, BAM likes to educate the community about relevant governance topics and discussions on platforms like Twitter.

Delegate Statement

Thank you for considering our candidacy as delegates for the Stader DAO’s governance. We have previously demonstrated our commitment to this ecosystem through our active support of the launch of $MaticX on Compound v3, as deployed on Polygon. In addition, we have undertaken a thorough analysis of the advantages and disadvantages regarding the decision to list Matic LSD as a new asset, further exemplifying our diligence in this sector (references 1, 2).

We are both excited and grateful for the potential opportunity to serve as your Stader DAO delegate. Our team has been meticulously following the project’s development, with a particular focus on the future prospects of LSTfi, a key element Stader is currently building.

We look forward to the potential of bringing our expertise to Stader DAO, contributing to its progress, and making a positive impact on the community.

Contact Information

Delegate Address: michiganblockchain.eth


Twitter: @UMichBlockchain


External Website:


Really excited to have UMich DAO join Stader governance, after having seen your proactivity and work done on places like Aave and Compound!

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Excited to see you are applying to the SD delegate program. You count with my support. :slight_smile:

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Glad to see you guys willing to become a Delegate here.

I had already seen you guys around Compound governance forum, and now I’ve also checked your voting history. And is quite impressive during the last year, really active.
Will be supporting your candidacy.