DAO and Ecosystem Fund Committee

DAO and Ecosystem Fund Multisig

Stader DAO is happy to propose another step in our decentralization journey. As a part of it, moving the multisig to 3/5 of Stader’s DAO-fund and Ecosystem-fund wallets with majority external owners. Both of these wallets account for over 25.6% of the SD supply.

Wallet Details-

Wallet Wallet Address SD Tokens Allocated SD Token Balance as of 23rd Mar’23 Balance as % of Total Supply
Stader DAO 0xa3fa7b42f489d64e43c702729c8a39a8ad6bf8fc 22,500,000 22,500,000 15%
Ecosystem Fund 0xbd868af4a895fab12aaa872cbd79208fcd58a64d 16,500,000 15,887,058 10.6%


Move Stader’s ecosystem and DAO fund wallets to 3 on 5 multisig with 3 out of five members being external and not part of the Stader team.

Here are the proposed members for the multisig:

DAO Fund Committee:

  • 2 Stader core team members

    • Amit - 0x746d6a9f789999799AE7f5d62Aa70422F86826b6
    • Sid- 0x5082D698B9782D5f8Cb4958685f7C410A4d6fDC9
  • 3 External members -

    • DeFi Dad - defidad.eth
    • Living DeFi (Stong supporter and active community member) - 0xbBaE9FE9a87d9ad1b46cE320E03DaBf41F5033d4
    • Aayush (One of our private sale participant and advisors) - 0x4de2Dc2d57caaff02D71889BB6Fde5Cb98ddB491

Ecosystem Fund Committee:

  • 2 Stader core team members

    • Amit - 0x746d6a9f789999799AE7f5d62Aa70422F86826b6
    • Sid- 0x5082D698B9782D5f8Cb4958685f7C410A4d6fDC9
  • 3 External members -

    • DeFi Dad - defidad.eth
    • Proof group Capital Partners (One of our private sale participants, provides active support/ consultation to founders) - 0x6b3292cE116c207Be086F2278F136c8c9f958250
    • Aayush (One of our private sale participants and advisors) - 0x4de2Dc2d57caaff02D71889BB6Fde5Cb98ddB491

Good news. An important day for the Stader DAO.

Really looking forward to see more delegates apply and the current ones getting selected!


I appreciate that the team keeps making the proper steps towards decentralizing the DAO with this proposal, while also promoting a healthy and decentralized governance activity with the delegation program.

I also really like some of the elections as external members, I think that DeFi Dad is highly respected and valuable member within the ETH community, so I think he fits greatly in the project and also adds a ton of value. I personally highly respect LivingDefi and his mindset, apart from him being an active and valuable member of Stader’s community.
On the other hand, I don’t have a founded opinion about the rest of the external members as I don’t really know about them, so I would love to read something about them if this would be possible. However I’m sure they must be good selections for the role seeing the rest of the selected members previously mentioned.


Is there an emergency plan if 3 of the five members drop off? For instance if there was a crypto event Stader and 1 committee member attended and the worst happened.

My personal thoughts are that 5 people is too low. Also if we go forward with 5, it should be a requirement that Amitej and Sid are never at the same place/time.

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Hi Chris,

good points, I will raise it to the team.

Stader team is quite distributed around the world, and actually none of the founders live in the same country, and no member of the top management lives in the same city. :grinning:

None of the other Committee member does, neither.

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Yeah more of a worst case scenario thing. Like if they all attend Consensus and the stadium collapses. I’d rather reduce the chance of failure to negligible than it still being in the realm of possibility.

Please note- one of the external signatories (Accel Partners) have pulled out, and we have added Aayush instead. The post has been edited to reflect the same.

We will be putting this revised proposal up for vote shortly.

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Hey Guys,

There is a small technical issue with one of the delegate voting on the snapshot. We are taking down the current vote and putting a fresh one soon. Wanted to keep the community informed. Apologies for the confusion.