Stader on Ethereum : how to fight Lido's centralizing effect?


when I as reading this very good thread from StaderBull, I realized to what extent Lido + 3 CEXs are monopolizing the staked ETH scene.

I would like to know, since the team has mentioned that EthX is coming, what is the official stance of Stader vs this growing centralization. Are we going to allow permisionless pool validators? Are we siding with Lido in this debate? Or rather with Rocket Pool ?

Is there any partnership possible with the folks at Rocket Pool and Stakewise?

Personally, I am ready to deploy good amount of capital in EthX, but I want to know where we stand in all this.

Another good read, even if 6 months old:


Hey Mariella!

At Stader, we have constantly strived to be a force for decentralization on the chains that we have been live on and this will be true on Ethereum as well.

This is a non-trivial task however as you have rightly called out. We are currently working on a design that could make our staking design both decentralized and scalable. More details to follow in the coming month.

If you’d like to share some early inputs on our thoughts on EthX, we’d love to hear from you. Please feel free to write to


Hey @Mariella !
I thought I would drop here and let you know, in case you don’t know yet, that we have announced the birth of EthX.

Here are a couple posts that might be of your interest. EthX design and, in particular, value-add to the Ethereum staking landscape, will be unveiled soon !


super helpful, thanks. Great insights from that account.

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