ETHx Litepaper Launch

We are excited to announce the release of the litepaper for ETHx, our Ethereum-based liquid staking token. It explains how ETHx would enhance home staking with the lowest bonding need in the ecosystem while simultaneously providing consumers with best-in-class staking opportunities and yield in DeFi.

Here’s a snapshot of the role ETHx will play in the Ethereum staking ecosystem:

  • Home stakers will be ETHx’s backbone with only 4 ETH required for bonding: We did an extensive data analysis in collaboration with SSV on the bond requirement and concluded 4 ETH is sufficient to cover key tail risks that impact staked funds
  • Scalability and resilience: ETHx will have a multi-pool architecture that includes permissionless and permissioned pools, solving for decentralization and scalability at the same time. In the future, ETHx will also support a dedicated Distributed Validator Technology (DVT) pool that will boost node operator resilience
  • Best-in-class staking yield: With exposure to staking rewards, MEV and tips at a competitive commission of 10% (to be shared equally between node operators and Stader)
  • Full fledged DeFi: Leveraging Stader’s expertise from building DeFi ecosystems for its LSDs across 6 chains, a similar robust DeFi ecosystem will also be built for ETHx. Currently, we have 40+ protocols supporting our LSDs, including AAVE v3 (Polygon market), Balancer, Beefy, Quickswap, Apeswap, BeethovenX and more!

Take a detailed look at the ETHx design, USPs and more! Delve into the ETHx litepaper here.

Looking forward to your feedback and suggestions to refine ETHx further!

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Simply fantastic.
Truly value-adding to the Ethereum staking landscape.

I wish I had some spare time to run my own node with only 4 ETH ! We will see. What’s for sure is that I will stake a big chunk of my ETH into ETHx.


Agree! Never staked ETH with LIDO, waited for Stader :slight_smile: