Stader Labs' exclusive offer to DAOs for ETHx liquid staking

At Stader Labs, we put community above everything and that holds true for every aspect of the product. We have been developing ETHx since September 2022 with special emphasis on the challenges experienced by liquid stakers & node operators. We are proud to have created a product that contributes to the core ethos of Ethereum, by further securing and decentralizing the network by lowering the entry barrier for node operators.

In order to have the right partners for our journey of keeping Ethereum decentralized, we have earmarked exclusive rewards (up to 2x the base ETH staking rewards) for members of DAOs and communities. We are excited to kickstart this program from Day1 of our mainnet launch with Dewhales & Uniwhales.

If you are a part of any DAO or Community, get in touch with us to explore how your members could benefit from this program. The long and worthy march towards keeping Ethereum decentralized begins on July 10, 2023 and we’d love to have you alongside. Let’s build ETHx together.


would be fantastic to get Mantle / BitDAO to invest at least $10m once ETHx has been in mainnet for 3 months.