ETHx Oracle Node Operators (ONOs) Genesis Committee


Stader is launching soon on Ethereum with its liquid staking solution ETHx. With ETHx, Stader pledges to decentralize Ethereum by upholding its commitment to being accessible, reliable, and rewarding. ETHx is built on a unique multi-pool architecture that incentivizes decentralization without compromising on scalability. It is further being audited by 3 leading audit partners and will bring best-in-class rewards for both node operators and users in the ETH ecosystem.

An integral element of the ETHx architecture is the Oracles that interact with the critical functions - deposits, withdrawals & rewards distribution. The ETHx smart contracts on the execution layer rely on data from the consensus layer about validators’ states & balances. The ETHx Oracles serve as a vital interface between these 2 layers by fetching validator data from the consensus layer and feeding it to the execution layer smart contracts.

ETHx Oracle Node Operators (ONOs) Genesis Committee

We propose a 7-member ONO genesis committee comprising of:

  • 4 permissioned node operators
  • 1 prominent ETH community member
  • 2 Stader team members one of which will be shortly transitioned over to a community member

The committee & its members believe in the shared values of decentralization, neutrality, censorship resistance, openness, data ownership, and near-unbreakable security, which form the bedrock of the Ethereum ecosystem and Stader.

The initial ONO committee members are:

  • A trusted player in the defi world, Stakely is present on 39 networks with an impressive TVL of $640 Mn. Stakely excels in providing Oracle solutions for both Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) chains, such as Covalent and Ethereum, and non-EVM chains, including Cosmos networks like Terra. By integrating powerful on-chain tools, Stakely is serving as an accessible gateway for newcomers, enabling them to experience the power of DeFi firsthand.
  • Stakin: For the past three years, Stakin has been at the forefront of running blockchain oracles, consistently delivering best-in-class performance in terms of uptime and security. With a proven track record across 37 networks, Stakin boasts of partnerships with the likes of renowned protocols such as Chainlink! We are thrilled to be partnering with such a trusted Oracle member for ETHx.
  • Cryptomanufaktur: emerged into prominence during the prestigious Chainlink Olympics 2021, becoming one of the first two community node operators to be onboarded onto Chainlink. With deep expertise in operating and maintaining Distributed Oracle Networks (DONs) and a portfolio that spans 8 different blockchains, stands as one of the most trusted custodians of decentralized Oracle networks.
  • Kiln - Kiln brings substantial expertise in running oracles from their involvement in products such as Kiln On-Chain and the institutional-grade liquid staking standard, Liquid Collective, where they serve as a founding member. Known for their ability to manage high-stake operations like running the Lido Council Daemon, and their commitment to creating specialized Ethereum analytics and monitoring tools, Kiln is perfectly poised to enhance the ETHx Oracle committee.
  • Mark Zeller: Mark is a veteran member of the ETH node operator community with 8+ years of experience in running nodes. As a distinguished representative of the Aave DAO & the Founder of the Aave Chain Initiative, Mark has contributed extensively towards the effective governance of Aave. A vocal advocate for diversification and healthy competition in the LST space, Mark is an extremely valued addition to the ETHx genesis ONO.
  • Stader - Stader is a multi-chain liquid staking platform with proven expertise across 6 EVM & non-EVM blockchains and a community of 70K+ stakers. It is coming to Ethereum with ETHx, the liquid staking token & shall be running nodes as part of this committee.

As ETHx scales up, new ONO members shall be added to further strengthen the diversity and robustness of the ONO committee.


Good set to kick this off.

Glad to see such a DeFi personality and gigabrain like Marc Zeller involved. Hopefully we’ll be able to see more individuals like him as well as committed permissionless Node Operators that meet the requirements applying in the future for the next cohorts.

Also, although still to early, are there any future plans for this ONO duties when EIP-4788 rolls out?

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