ETHx Genesis Node Operators WANTED!

Dear Ethereum and Stader families,

Our mission to support decentralization for #ETH staking has begun! We are launching the Beta-Testing of $ETHx for permissionless node operations!

First 50 applicants will be a part of the Genesis Node Operator Community to shape the future of ETHx! And the first people ever to spin up a node with only 4 ETH !

Here is the form to sign up for beta testing.

Here is what is needed to run a node.

In case you missed it,

  • here is our ETHx Litepaper, and
  • here is the comprehensive analysis performed with SSV to validate the 4 ETH bond design.

Quick update: we received 100 applications in the first 72 hours, and we are looking for another 100 over the next 4 days. :face_with_hand_over_mouth: :star_struck:


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Nice. This is essential for ETH network. Wishing you the best of luck.