Why stader didn't officially announce partnership with Y24?

Stader is widely recognized for its Liquid staking platform, but I’m curious if other projects can leverage its features. I stumbled upon information suggesting that Y24.io has integrated Stader’s liquid restaking features, allowing Y24 users to benefit from Stader’s capabilities and earn higher APY. The documentation from Y24.io emphasizes their smart contracts being integrated with Stader and users will get rewards from the BNB node validators of Stader providing users with increased APY stader offers 4% APY and Y24 mentioned they are offering 8% how?. However, I’m uncertain about the confirmation from the Stader community on this integration. Can someone validate if Y24.io indeed integrates Stader’s features, as claimed in their documentation? I’m considering joining Y24, but clarity on this matter is crucial for my decision.

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No tangible evidence of a Y24 token in existence. Suspecting smoke and mirrors with their partnership claims. Best advice: keep your distance from Y24.

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Yes that’s exactly my concern is no announcement from AAVE but on the other hands i can find some plus points of Y24 is that they already have a good presence like listed on CG moreover They didn’t go for launch what if this partnership is true ? so i just want to confirm from the team.

To be clear, no, Stader has not partnered with Y24.

Please always look at the information we share on official channels, meaning:

  • this Governance Forum
  • our Twitter
  • our Discord
  • our Telegram

If it is not there, it is not official.