Stader’s LRT $rsETH: Call-to-Action for Restaking Operators and Restaking Services!

In this post, we would like to invite operators who want to partner with Stader Labs’ $rsETH for restakers’ delegation and services that want to leverage restaked assets with the onboarded operators.

At Stader Labs, we are introducing a new DeFi primitive with our Liquid Restaked Token (LRT), $rsETH.

$rsETH is a first of its kind solution that enables you to maximize rewards across the Ethereum ecosystem:

  • $rsETH is a c-token, which accrues value over time and therein makes it DeFi friendly, allowing users to accrue multiple layers of rewards
  • Liquifies for your restaking position, allowing you to exit or swap your restaking position at any time
  • Helps secure multiple protocols at the same time

We have designed $rsETH with the following audiences in mind:

  1. Restakers who want to stack rewards and lead the new restaking narrative
  2. Operators who want to be partners for restakers’ delegation
  3. Services that want to leverage restaked assets with the onboarded operators

If you are an experienced staking operator that would like to partner for restaker delegation (persona #2 above) or if you are a service who would like to gain economic security from restaked assets (persona #3), you can get in touch with us here in the forum or by email.

$rsETH roadmap, litepaper, tech docs, and contract audit reports are coming!

Are you joining the restaking revolution?