Stader's Promise of Security

As a Multi-Chain, Non-Custodial, Liquid Staking Protocol, Stader aims at maintaining the highest level of Security for our Stakers.

Since 2020, we have formed multiple partnerships with leading Audit & Security firms which help ensure the maximum possible security for our stakers by deploying extensive measures, such as-

  1. Frequent Comprehensive Audits
  2. Bug Bounty Programme
  3. Enhanced Internal Testing & Review
  4. Smart Contracts Security Upgrades
  5. Strengthened Monitoring
  6. Integrated Faster Responsiveness

We are currently partnered with the Top Audit & Security providers on Web3, namely-

Our Audit Partners are:

  1. Halborn
  2. Peckshield
  3. BlockSec
  4. OSec
  5. CertiK
  6. ImmuneBytes

Our Security Partners are:

  1. Forta
  2. Immunefi
  3. Prometheus

After each audit, our partners publish a comprehensive report on their analysis, findings and solutions.

You can find the audit reports here: Auditors | StaderLabs docs

We’re constantly working on strengthening our protocol through various partnerships across chains and would love to hear the community’s thoughts and suggestions for future security partnerships.

Which audit/security partnerships should Stader take on next?


Have you guys considered Trail of Bits auditors ? at least for EthX? They are considered top-notch as far as I understand.


Question: what is the auditing plan for EthX smart contracts? It needs to be strong so as to sway competitors’ stake into Stader. Rocketpool or Lido security is very good too.

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Hey Mariella.
Really good points, and Thanks for the recommendation!! :smiley:

And yes, we will have excellent auditors for EthX, who have experience auditing the top staking protocols.

We will be able our audit plan soon with the community! Make sure you follow too.