ETHx Smart Contract Upgrade Proposal

Based on community feedback post-launch and our commitment to improving the ETHx staking experience, we are proposing a smart contract upgrade with two key changes:

A. Enhanced Node Operator Withdrawal Reward Address Security
Node Operators can now change their Reward Address exclusively from the existing reward address, improving security.

B. Onchain Referral Tracking
To establish transparent referral tracking for the ETHx referral program, we are adding two new functions to the ETHx smart contract to allow deposits and withdrawals with a referral_id for tracking.

This proposal will be open in the forum for discussion the next 3 days, after which it will be sent to Snapshot for an on-chain vote.


Kudos to Stader!

I personally was polled and was fine leaving A) as is, but I could see many people demanding it in the forum and Discord, so let’s go!

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Was already running my Stader node with no stress about security, as I’m pretty disciplined about security practices.
However, saw some people asking for this upgrade in order to prevent anything bad happening for those not having the best security practices, so it’s always good to see the team acknowledging the feedback and acting accordingly. Thanks.