SD Token incentives May'23

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Apologies for the delay in publishing this for May’23. Below is the allocated budget for SD incentives across chains for May’23. Price used is the 7-day v-WAP ($1.07). Request the community to share feedback.

Overall we can see how for the last month the SD spends have been about 200k monthly.

I can see that Jan 2023 (when it started getting reported), the budget was forecasted at 500k.

I guess the idea is to maintain the SD spends stable at $200k (which is equivalent to 200k SD if SD is ~1 USD? )

What happens when ETHx launches? Has it been decided how much SD in $$ value will be allocated?

If current TVL is 120m and we are spending $200k per month, I would assume that if we target 100+m during the first two months of launch, another $200k in rewards should be given in Ethereum alone?


Thanks for your response and question. As we speak, we are constantly optimising the SD token spends across other chains and brining down the spends as some of the chains stabilize/ reduce spending across unsustainable opportunities.

We haven’t finalised the spends for ETHx yet. Once we have a preliminary assessment done, will share the proposal on the forum.


Update on Actual May 2023 SD Token Emissions-

Actual May SD Token spends are at 123,401 SD.

Breakdown of spends across networks
Actuals new may23

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