SD Token Emissions Budget - April 2023

Hey everyone,

Here’s the April’23 budget for the Stader ecosystem. This post shall give a summarized breakdown of estimated SD emissions across supported chains and respective platforms.

April’23 SD Rewards budget:

The April’23 budget calls for 260,000 SD (actual 239,970 SD + 8.4% buffer).

A buffer of 20,030 SD is kept to account for unexpected price fluctuations over the month.

Please note- the SD token price used for the calculation is a 7-day vWAP ($1.08). The budget in USD is $280,800.

We request the community to share feedback, if any. You can access the data here

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Update on Actual April 2023 SD Token Emissions-

Actual April SD Token spends are at 117,092 SD.

Breakdown of spends across networks