SD Token Emissions Budget- January 2023

Hello Everyone,

As part of our ongoing efforts to increase transparency within the community, we are sharing a detailed breakdown of the estimated SD token emissions in January 2023. Going forward, we will be sharing a monthly update. You can expect the February budget estimate to be shared in the last week of January.

Jan’23 SD Rewards Emissions Budget:

Please note- the SD token price used for the calculation is a 7-day vWAP ($0.45). Fluctuations in price impact the actual amount spent- therefore, we have kept a buffer amount. The budget in USD is $225,000.

We request the community to share feedback, if any. You can access the data here


Looks largely okay.

Looking forward to a sustained increased SD price around 0.80-1.00 USD so the emission runway looks even healthier.

Stader competitors have most of their tokens out circulating already. We can gain a lot of competitive edge by administering our uncirculating runway well.


Excellent, thank you for the transparency and the information as a whole.
Looking forward to seeing a new paragraph soon “ETH Total BUdget”

Update on Actual January 2023 SD Token Emissions-

Actual Jan SD Token spends are at 208,324 SD. The core reason behind lower SD spending is the price appreciation of SD Tokens over the last month.

Breakdown of Spends across chains-

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