SD Token Emissions Budget- January 2023

Hello Everyone,

As part of our ongoing efforts to increase transparency within the community, we are sharing a detailed breakdown of the estimated SD token emissions in January 2023. Going forward, we will be sharing a monthly update. You can expect the February budget estimate to be shared in the last week of January.

Jan’23 SD Rewards Emissions Budget:

Please note- the SD token price used for the calculation is a 7-day vWAP ($0.45). Fluctuations in price impact the actual amount spent- therefore, we have kept a buffer amount. The budget in USD is $225,000.

We request the community to share feedback, if any. You can access the data here


Looks largely okay.

Looking forward to a sustained increased SD price around 0.80-1.00 USD so the emission runway looks even healthier.

Stader competitors have most of their tokens out circulating already. We can gain a lot of competitive edge by administering our uncirculating runway well.


Excellent, thank you for the transparency and the information as a whole.
Looking forward to seeing a new paragraph soon “ETH Total BUdget”