Cadence for Stader Academy Sessions

Stader recently organized a Stader Academy session to spread the word about Near. Its goal is to raise awareness about the NEAR network and its efforts to become one of the most promising PoS blockchain networks on Web3.

The primary goals of this Academy are to -

  • Raise awareness about NEAR, its purpose, and its vision.
  • Onboard new members on the blockchain
  • Introduce new users to basics of DeFi

The previous two sessions addressed basics such as-

  • Exploring the multiple wallets that NEAR supports.
  • Creating a new native NEAR wallet
  • Loading funds into the newly formed NEAR native wallet.
  • Introduction to LPs & other yield opportunities on $Near

Following are the highlights of the first two sessions held-

  1. Session 1
  2. Session 2

In order to organize more Stader Academy lessons for Liquid staking on NEAR in the near future, we’d want to hear from our community about

  1. Suggested Frequency of the workshops
  2. Topic(s) that should be covered
  3. Languages we should host the workshop in

Stader Labs believes in education & community growth. These workshops are an initiative in that direction. Looking forward to your suggestions on how to enhance them further!