Stader DAO Treasury Diversification Proposal

Hello everyone!

Following an earlier discussion on the forum on Treasury diversification, Stader’s team is proposing the following asset portfolio-

Token Percentage of Treasury (%)
USDC 36%
BTC 20%
ETH 12%
Dai / LUSD 8%
Ondo Finance US Treasuries 8%
Fiat for Working Capital 8%

We chose the above split after considering responses from community members, existing and future company requirements, and asset risk levels.

We request the community’s comments for the next 72 hours, following which we are planning to put the following proposals up for vote-

  1. Do you support moving 20% of the treasury to BTC?
  2. Do you support moving 8% of the treasury to Ondo Finance US Treasury?

If any of the other line items require discussion, based on community feedback, we would hold a vote for them as well.


Really impressed with the amazing diversification ! Would have loved to see tokenized Gold but I do understand that introduces counterparty risk on the custodian side.

I agree with this 100% !

just one thing: since DAI is pretty much backed by USDC, for good diversification that 8% should be LUSD alone I guess. :slight_smile:

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I agree with this 100%

Like how it is well diversified in both Stable coins and stong coins like BTC and ETH

can’t wait to vote in the snapshot!


Seems like a pretty strong and safe treasury management. I strongly agree with @Mariella, DAI is almost as having USDC, and you have enough USDC exposure in that hypothetical Treasury, so I would let aside DAI, or replace 8% of USDC for 8% of DAI.
That being said, I guess you have already done your numbers about AURA and probably it’s not efficient enough to cover the risk of having part of your treasury in another gov token. In that case I’m curious about why other protocols have been allocating part of their treasury into AURA in order to place themselves ahead in the bribes wars. Maybe they are willing to take higher risks for the potential higher rewards, and this treasury plan is a safer strategy?


How does the treasury plan to scale into these positions from the current portfolio?

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DCA into Ondo, Eth and BTC over next few weeks. Started small amounts already.


As a further update for the post above, we propose having an active treasury management strategy, utilizing the above stablecoins in Liquidity Provision opportunities (e.g: Uniswap V3 pools, with liquidity position managed via Arrakis platform) for additional revenue.

This treasury diversification & active treasury management proposal will be put up for onchain vote in Snapshot in the next 72 hours.


Sounds good to me to get the stables working for a safe 3-4%.
How is the Treasury allocation looking right now, are we already in the percentages given above in the post?
How much % of the stables will be used for these activities?

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