Regarding coinlist sale token forfeiture

Hi, Many people not able to get token due to ERC-20 wallet submission deadline. Initially coinlist collected our terra address for distribution. Everyone submitted and rest assured for distribution. Suddenly they were asking for ERC-20 and many people miss that email and now there is no refund or tokens.
There are atleast 40-50 people who are continuously seeking the support on tech support channel of telegram. I also lost 1000$ into this and having few question regarding this.

  1. Seems like this is weekness in coinlist IDO platform. They are not having a claim mechanism like other ido platform where people can claim their token after years. I can claim my 3 year old tokens from daomaker. The forfeiture of token on deadline miss is totally unfair. Many people have different circumstances and internet availability.
  2. Conlist is also having user wallets on their platform. They were transferring the tokens to coinlist wallet in case user are not providing own wallets. Why this is not implemented for this.

People are planning to file law-suit against this as its looks like total scam.

As a loyal community support, I need some intervention form team on this matter.
Please check tg for more info : Telegram: Contact @staderlabssupport

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This is total unfair. I am also victim of this.
Give us a last chance.


After Terra 1.0 crash, we could not continue to deliver tokens on Terra due to the instability of the chain.

We requested that everyone who initially submitted a Terra address for distribution to submit an erc20 wallet which was received via mail from Coinlist.

A deadline for the submission was set with ended on the 9th of July 2022. Everyone who did that already got their token.

A few community members made a complaint about missing this deadline and there was another decision to open this window again on January 2023 and this window didn’t close till the 23rd of April, 2023.

We believe this is enough time for everyone to submit their address. I’m sorry if you missed it again, we cannot help you at this point.