Depth Increase & Migration of SD Protocol-Owned-Liquidity

StaderLabs’ Protocol-Owned-Liquidity (POL) is currently seeded on Uniswap V2, at the current pool Uniswap V2: SD-USDC | Address 0x4177d19e4125213bdd8d82dbc1ca775799d18218 | Etherscan

This SD<>USDC pool counts with ~500k USD worth of Liquidity.

Given the feedback received by the community regarding the excessive slippage experienced when executing mid-sized transactions and above, StaderLabs is proceeding to increase liquidity to ~1 million USD within the next few days. This effectively means to double the size of the POL.

There will also be a migration of this POL to Uniswap V3. We shall keep the community informed (via Forum and Twitter) about the pool address once the migration is completed and the new pool is seeded.

Additionally, a new pool SD 80% <> ETH 20% was created in Balancer, and StaderLabs will bribe and continue to incentivize on-chain liquidity in this low-IL pool.

If you have any feedback or comment on SD liquidity, or on the notes above, please comment below!


Good move. We needed deeper liquidity. Thanks a lot.
At certain point I remember having a 8% slippage trying to buy 50k SD. :sweat_smile:


This is a good move.

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Excellent move! Looking forward to seeing the lower slippage grades. Good job.

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An update on the $SD liquidity depth increase and migration:

We have now added liquidity to Uniswap V3. Here is the pool address.

We are moving our Protocol-Owned-Liquidity onUniswap V2 (pool address here) to Uniswap v3 by this Friday, 10th February.