[Proposal] Migrate rewards from Balancer SD<>ETH 80/20 Pool to SD<>ETHx 80/20 Pool


Currently, the deepest SD<>ETH Liquidity Pool (and second deepest SD LP overall) is sitting in this 80/20 Balancer pool: Balancer

This 80/20 Balancer pool represents smaller IL risk and bigger exposure to SD than a 50/50. (Read more about Balancer Weighted Pools here Weighted Pools | Balancer).

Pool metrics at the moment of writing this proposal:

  • TVL: $617k

  • SD TVL: $493k

  • ETH TVL: $124k

  • LP rewards ranging 10% - 26%.


This proposal aims to migrate the rewards given to incentivize a deep liquidity from the abovementioned SD<>ETH pool to a new one paired with ETHx. The main goal behind this:

Also, the current incentives dedicated to the SD<>ETH 80/20 pool would be redirected to the new SD<>ETHx 80/20 pool when deployed, if this proposal were to pass the Stader DAO vote.
Until then, the current SD<>ETH pool will continue being incentivized as per usual.


Liquidity on ETHx/ETH is sufficient, but I am wondering if this will stop people from buying SD as it’s an extra swap they have to perform. Will the SD buyer have more slippage overall if we pull liquidity away from ETH?

I do see we have 1,2M in liquidity on SD/USDC, which is nice.

In general i am for but I would like to hear other peoples thoughts.

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Any thoughts on a multi- token pool? I like the idea of adding Ethx, Eth, and SD to the mix. Maybe 10/10/80 or 15/15/70. I wouldn’t add USDC due to increased IL risks.

Another option would be to incentivize both pools.

Love the idea! Can’t wait. More rewards to the LPers and more TVL to ETHx.

Good point, but the swap fees ETHx<>ETH are so low, and the pool so deep (especially as we grow) that team does think that it will not significantly deter anybody from buying.

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Yes that makes sense and most trades are aggregated these days anyway… I hope people are using Defillama swap aggregator at least. xD

I totally support this proposal.

Although ETH makes up a “residual” part of the LP due to the weighting (btw love the Balancer design to reduce IL for these kind of tokens), migrating to ETHx means optimizing capital efficiency with some organical yield from ETH staking rewards, while also deepening the inherent bond between SD and ETHx.

Regarding @randomtard comment about if it could dissuade people from buying SD, my opinion is this is highly unlikely.

If we look at the 2 biggest SD LPs from TVL perspective, we can clearly see that UniSwap SD/USDC LP has a much higher volume than SD/ETH 80/20 pool. On top of that, as you have already mentioned, nowadays majority of big buys are done through aggregators, so even if someone wanted to swap directly ETH for SD, the impact would be minimal.

Worth mentioning that this pool is the closest “SD staking” we have so far. I actually rather not launching SD staking to be conservative about any future regulatory risks, and keep the incentives flooding into this pool.
Therefore, optimizing the yield and getting involved Stader’s flagship product, ETHx, is a no brainer.


its may be good for us

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This proposal is now up in Snapshot for onchain voting!


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We fully support this proposal. Linking $SD with $ETHx, unquestionably enhances the growth of the protocol. As mentioned by other community members, the profound liquidity of ETHx/ETH on-chain — with 20k on Uniswap, 4M on Curve, and 15M on Balancer — effectively minimizes slippage for anyone with ETH looking to gain exposure to ETHx. Notably, for the Balancer pool, 0x4a8feb0e61a39b331d143cd597982a6819e0bcf9 recently deposited over 8M LP, resulting in a significant surge in its TVL.