Staking Fee: Increase the fee on staking rewards for MaticX


StaderDAO is proposing to increase the fee on staking rewards for the Stader-MaticX offering on Polygon from 10% to 11%.


This marginal increase will enable Stader to scale operations, enhance future offerings, and drive greater value for the entire Stader ecosystem.

The net APR for MaticX stakers will still be best in class among all LSTs after the fee adjustment. Here are the key points on how the renewed fees will potentially be utilized:

  • Allocation of funds for marketing campaigns and community driven initiatives to drive broader adoption and awareness for MaticX
  • Strengthening of partnerships and integrations with leading DeFi protocols for enhanced utility of MaticX. Example - Enhancing liquidity mining incentives for MaticX LP providers and for enabling instant redemptions at low slippage
  • Resource augmentation to elevate the overall MaticX experience via educational resources, customer support and stronger governance.

As always, the community’s feedback and opinions are critical, and we would love to hear your thoughts regarding the above proposal.

This makes sense. MaticX has seen a consistent higher APY vs. competition. Support this increase very much.