One single stader-cli command to claim and restake SD rewards


as a node operator, if I want to restake my SD rewards I need 3 transactions today:

  • claim SD rewards
  • approve SD bonding
  • bond SD

It would be very convenient to just have one single stader-cli command to claim and
restake the SD in a single transaction to save on gas fees.


I am with you, brother!

Autocompounding is the 8th marvel… we gotta get this implemented for our nodes :stuck_out_tongue:


This is really needed for both parties, Stader and Node Operators. It will give a much more user-friendly workflow of rewards claiming and depositing, while also encouraging people to continue locking their SD rewards instead of selling them.

I would like to add that the gitbook doesn’t show any specific command to set the amount of SD you want to approve for deposits. It only shows the deposit command node deposit-sd --amount <amount>.
I assume there’s indeed some separate command for setting the approval amount, as Allnodes users are able to do it from Allnodes UI. So I think it’s pretty needed that this command is shown in the gitbook CLI Command Sheet for anyone wanting to make use of it. If not people will have to re-approve each time they want to deposit.


In favor of this and anything else that means facilitating things for NOs and becoming more gas efficient.

I subscribe everything said by @ETHmaxi here. Mutually beneficial to facilitate claiming and depositing SD rewards in one unique tx, and the approval command should be public in the gitbook in case it’s usable.

Keep this feedback coming here and Discord, pretty sure it will always be valuable for the team to help them polish the product further.


Well received by the devs, sir !

Stay tuned to the next upgrade. :slight_smile:


Hello everyone! Thank you so much for the feedback.
We have added this feature to our scope and it should be available in the next few months.